About Us

History of Miad Food Group

Miad Food Group with more than 50 years of management experience and 30 years of experience in the field of food packaging is always trying to package the best products with the best quality and provide them to you dear ones.

The company was opened in 1978 and from the very beginning, quality has been the most important pillar of its work. Miad Food Group started its activity from the UAE and Dubai, but since 1993, in order to help the country’s industrial cycle. Also, the entrepreneurship of Miad Company was established in Iran.

At first, the company started its work by packing tea and rice, but then, with the expansion of the scope of activities, sugar, sugar and barberry were added to the company’s cycle of activities.

At present, this company meets the needs of the dear people of Iran with more than 50 different types of products.

Certificates and Awards

  • In 2006, this company succeeded in obtaining the ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 certificates from the BUREAU Institute.
  • Obtaining the certification of partner laboratory from the General Office of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran in 2008
  • Acquisition of the title of the sample of the provincial unit in 2016 by the standard office.

The first representative of Miad Food Group was in Azerbaijan in 1994, and after the success of this agency, another branch of Miad in Armenia was opened in Yerevan in 1994.

Following the success of these two agencies and the acceptance of Miad products in these two countries in 2001, Miad’s office was opened in Tajikistan, and then in 2002 the offices of Afghanistan and Iraq were established.

Miad Food Group also opened new branches in Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan in 2008.

One of the reasons for the remarkable success of Miad tea in the Iranian and world markets is the cooperation with Imperial Company in Sri Lanka.

Imperial is the sixth most important tea company in Sri Lanka.