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Factors affecting the quality of tea

Factors affecting the quality of tea before and after the production process

• Warehousing conditions

As mentioned in previous articles; Tea storage conditions are very important. Storages used to store dry tea should be completely hygienic and its humidity should be between 3 and 5% and the temperature should be lower than 30 ° C.

In such cases, the quality of tea will improve after a short time. If storage conditions are not ideal; The flavor and color of the product is reduced.

• Water effect (cook tea)

Water used to brew dry tea; It has an effect on the color of the tea. If the tea is brewed with light and low-salt water; It has a lighter color than tea brewed with high-salt water.

• Area under cultivation

The place of cultivation of tea is also very effective in the quality of the obtained product. The following countries can be mentioned among the tea cultivation regions in the world:

China; India; Sri Lanka; Japan; Taiwan; Indonesia; Burma; Indochina; Malaya; Guinea; Iran; Georgia; Turkey; Kenya; Uganda; Congo; Columbia; Cameron; Brazil and Argentina noted.

China ranks first in world tea production. The world’s largest and best tea plantations are also found in the hills of China. Several types of tea plant are produced in this country such as green tea, oolong tea, white tea, pu-erh, yellow tea and jasmine tea and several other teas. China is by far the largest tea producer in the world, producing 2,473,443 tons of tea annually. China will produce about 30-35% of world production in 2017

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