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Classification of tea in terms of preparation

Classification of tea in terms of preparation and production

Tea in terms of preparation in the process of making tea and uses among the people; It has the following divisions:

Green tea

black tea

White tea

Oolong tea

Molded tea

• Green tea

In ancient times, because the Europeans did not know about the tea industry; It was thought that green and black tea were made from two separate plants, but it turned out that both types of tea; Both black and green are from one plant, one sees the fermentation process and the other does not ferment.

Fermentation is not performed in green tea and after rubbing; The tea dries immediately.

• black tea

This type of tea is obtained after performing all the steps of making tea and fermenting green tea leaves. This type of tea is available in both formal and orthodox and informal or CTC.

• White tea

In its preparation, freshly grown tea leaves are used, which do not oxidize. This type of tea has the most anti-cancer effect. This tea is mostly consumed in China.

• Oolong tea

Olang means green dragon and its oxidation stage lasts two to three days. If fresh tea leaves are fermented incompletely; Olang tea is obtained.

• Molded tea

A type of tea that is made from tea leaves, stems and sticks. This type of tea is poured into powder in wooden molds after performing the tea preparation steps and is molded due to pressure.

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