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Slim waist cup

The culture of using a slim waist cup among Iranians

Slim waist cups have a special place in Iranian tea culture.

The waistband of these cups makes it easy to hold in the hand, this waistband also makes the tea pulp that is at the bottom of the cup, can not easily pass through the narrow part.

Also, if the cup is tilted with the bottom of the tea and falls to the side, the pulp will not fall on the floor and carpet.

During the Qajar period, Chinese cups and teapots were brought to Iran from Russia. Nasser al-Din Shah had ordered the French to make narrow waist cups, which were purple in color, and the king’s profile was embroidered with royal robes and emblems and a crown on them. The saucers were also engraved.
Of course, its simple design was also used in cafes and parties.

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