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Cinnamon tea is a well-known beverage

Cinnamon Tea Facts

Cinnamon tea is a well-known beverage in the world, especially in the Middle East. Cinnamon with its warm nature has been able to find many fans.

In this article, we will first explain about cinnamon tea and then we have written how to prepare it and the benefits of cinnamon tea for your study.

The originality of the name Cinnamon

In India it is called “Laljin” and in Indonesia it is called “Sweet Wood” or “Cayo Manis”. In many European languages, cinnamon is derived from the Latin word Cannella and stands for Canna or Cane, meaning cane. This word is derived from the Greek word kinnámōmon.

History of Cinnamon Sticks

Due to the geographical extent of different species of cinnamon, the history of their origin and naming is also different. Its history of consumption and identification dates back to ancient Egypt and dates back to about two thousand years BC. But what is known as Chinese cinnamon in history is actually a type of cinnamon called Cinnamon Aromaticum or Cassia, which is native to China and is a 20 to 30 meter tree that uses the bark of the tree as cinnamon. In different parts of the Torah, its consumption by the Prophet Moses is mentioned both as food and for a pleasant smell. Cinnamon is also mentioned in Herodotus’ writings as a “precious condiment.” Cinnamon entered Europe through the port of Alexandria in Egypt and through Portuguese traders in the 15th and 16th centuries.

Cinnamon was highly respected in the past, to the point that it was chosen as a gift to the Egyptian kings, this popularity continued to the point that today we can easily see that it is used in a variety of foods and Drinks have become very popular.

Prepare cinnamon tea

1- Green tea and cinnamon

This method has many fans because it is very effective for weight loss. Pour a cup of Miad green tea and three pieces of cinnamon stick in your glass and fill it with boiling water. Cover the glass and wait for fifteen minutes for your tea to be ready

2- Black tea and cinnamon

In this method, pour a measure of Miad black tea into a teapot with a few pieces of cinnamon stick, pour boiling water on it and let it brew for 20 minutes. For a better taste, you can add candy or honey to it.

Cinnamon tea has many properties and benefits, the most important of which are the following:

• Help to lose weight

• Help digest food better

• Improve diabetes

•Reducing stress

• Improve blood circulation

• Protect heart health

• Brain health

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