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Differences between types of black tea

Tea is a very important beverage for all Middle Eastern countries, especially Iran and Turkey. This hot drink has a very long history in Iran and has a special place in Iran, but do you know the difference between different types of black tea?

In the following, we will try to deal with the differences between the most popular teas, GHalami, broken and gunpowder, and get to know them better. Stay with us.

Broken tea:

Broken tea can be considered one of the best types of tea. This tea is a symbol of the original and mild bitter taste of a tea. The leaves of the upper part of the tea plant are generally used to make broken tea. The large leaves are separated from the stem after being picked and then crushed. This fineness and crushing of the leaves makes the tea brewed and ready to be consumed a little earlier than usual. If we want to consider the best time to consume this tea, one year after picking is the best time to consume it.

Broken tea has a lot of fans in our country due to its early brewing. You can buy the best types of broken tea from Miad brand and enjoy drinking it.

Gunpowder tea:

Gunpowder tea is made from tea crumbs and is one of the best-selling teas in the Iranian market. The reason for the high sales is the perfume that is used in this product, and due to achieving the desired color in a short time, this tea has many fans in organizations and offices.

GHalami tea:

Due to the presence of stem in its composition, pen tea always has a better aroma and taste than broken tea, but in terms of quality, these two tea’s can be considered almost as their class and consumption of both of them is recommended.

Properties of black tea (all three models)

There are different compounds in black tea that in addition to its healing properties, drinking it has become more and more popular among people. In the following, we will examine the existing compounds as well as the function of these compounds in the human body.

Caffeine and tannin: As a strong sedative in the nervous system

Theanine: As the main flavoring of tea.

Theophylline: This substance has the same structure as caffeine that is found in green and black tea. Reducing blood pressure and inflammatory effects, regulating heart rate, relaxing muscles, increasing blood flow to the kidneys, increasing the contractility and efficiency of the heart muscle are some of the healing properties of this compound.

Catechins: This substance is present in the composition of black and green tea, the percentage of which is higher in green tea than black. Consumption of this substance reduces bad blood fat and also prevents high blood sugar, it is an anti-cancer and anti-viral substance.

Fluoride and fluvanoids: This substance strengthens teeth and also prevents bad breath.

Vitamins: Vitamins B complex C and E are also present in tea, which reduces anxiety and relieves the symptoms of colds. Vitamin B complex and vitamin E improve metabolism.

Other important properties of tea are relieving drowsiness, strengthening thinking power, better digestion of food and reducing migraine symptoms.

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