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Tea bag and its applications

Tea bag is a smooth paper bag made of wood and plant fibers and contains dry tea that is used to prepare tea quickly and does not need to be brewed. In most cases, the tea is attached to a cotton thread bag with paper or cardboard on the other end. This paper or cardboard is used to hold or remove the tea bag from the beverage and is usually the manufacturer’s trademark. In slang terms, bagged tea, tea bag or Lipton tea, and in Iran some people mistakenly say Neptune tea is a slang word.

Why is the word Neptune tea so commonly mistaken?

Lipton is the name of a tea bag brand founded in 1890 by a grocery store called “Sir Thomas Lipton” and has become a popular name due to much publicity.

Benefits and uses of tea bags:

 In addition to the daily use of tea bags as a hot or cold beverage, its interesting and minor uses can also be considered. Tea has always received a lot of attention in traditional medicine due to its many benefits, especially the presence of antioxidants in it. Follow us to learn more about the benefits of tea bags:

1- Elimination of red eyes:

Put the tea bag in boiling water and after the tea in the bag is well soaked, take them out of the hot water and let them cool a bit, now put it on your eyes.

2- Removing blisters and preventing their infection

To prevent blister infections and to get rid of them quickly, put a hot moist tea bag in the desired place.

3- Burning after correction:

Put a wet tea bag on the spot.

4- Treatment of gingival bleeding:

To treat and stop bleeding gums, put a tea bag moistened with cold water on the gums.

5- Protecting plants from pests and repelling harmful insects:

If your garden or pot is surrounded by pests and insects, you can place one or two wet tea bags at the foot of the pot and next to the garden.

6- Treatment of sunburn:

Put a tea bag in cold water and allow it to moisten well, then place it on a sunburned spot to see the effect.

7- Treatment of cracked lips:

To remove cracks on the lips, press a tea bag (black tea) on the cracks of the lips to repair damaged cells.

8- Elimination of skin wrinkles:

Gently move the cooled green tea bag onto the skin of the face and allow it to be absorbed by the skin.

9- Improving insect bites:

Relieve insect bites by placing a wet tea bag on the bite.

Enjoy drinking a variety of Miad tea bags and use its medical uses as well.

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