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Sri Lanka tea and its quality assurance

Sri Lanka tea and its quality assurance
The Sri Lanka Tea Board was established in 1975 and is directly responsible for the development of the Sri Lankan (Ceylon) tea industry worldwide, within the scope of the Sri Lankan Ministry of Agriculture.
The Sri Lanka Tea Board has the legal authority to ensure the quality of Ceylon tea exported from Sri Lanka worldwide.
Currently, the Sri Lanka Tea Board implements a quality control mechanism at various stages from manufacture to export to ensure that only quality tea is made and produced.
Also, the amount of moisture, foreign substances, heavy metals, microbial parameters and pesticide residues are carefully monitored by the Sri Lankan Tea Board. Ceylon tea is considered as the best quality and cleanest tea in the world in terms of pesticide residues. And always gets the best prices in any competitive market.
In fact, Sri Lanka considers more than 130 foreign markets, including the Islamic Republic of Iran, as valuable customers for Ceylon pure tea. Therefore, the main responsibility of the Sri Lanka Tea Board is to guarantee its quality and guarantee for Sri Lanka export tea.
The international popularity of Ceylon tea can be summed up in one word: quality
Tea is considered not only as a refreshing drink for all seasons but also as a healthy drink. Sri Lanka has turned to different specialties to cater to different tastes and needs.
Sri Lanka is like a shop where you can find CTC, orthodox types, small leaf species, etc. In addition, Sri Lanka
It also offers green tea and organic tea. The Sri Lankan tea industry is widely contributed by the Institute to the development of the Sri Lanka tea industry through research and consulting.

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