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History of world teapots

History of world teapots

The Tea ball, or Tea egg is named after Europe and evolved during the first half of the nineteenth century. They were round metal utensils in which tea was poured. The wings were immersed in boiling water so that the tea could be soaked without getting out of the water.

Later, tea teapots were made based on the rating of Tea ball. Today, there are teapots and cups the size of Tea balls.

Most recent Tea Ball changes; The hole is a teaspoon that fills and empties in only one direction.

The Tea press was a type of teapot that was a cylindrical shaft and was usually made of glass.

The teapot has a part attached to the lid that regulates the movement of the tea leaf to the bottom of the teapot and stops brewing. After finishing the tea; The immersed cap and suction moved and the tea leaves were removed.

After that, tea teapots evolved and became what they are today.

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