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How to brew tea?

How to brew tea?

Only boiling water should be used to brew tea; Because water that has not reached the boiling point; Can not extract tea solids. Of course, water that is boiled a lot also makes tea tasteless.

Before brewing tea; When you pour it into the teapot; Wash it with a little water; Then pour boiling water at 100 degrees Celsius on it.

The teapot should be porcelain and of good glaze type without lead. Avoid brewing tea in stainless steel teapots as a significant amount of tannin will deposit with the stainless steel teapot.

Indirect heat must be used to brew tea; To do this, place the teapot on a kettle or samovar and minimize the temperature.

Inhalation time should not be less than 30 seconds and not more than 15 minutes; This is because the tannins in the tea are released and the stimulant effect of caffeine is eliminated. After brewing tea, it is better to separate the tea leaves from it or put the tea in the teapot from the beginning with special tea filters.

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