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Everything about the tea plant

Profile of tea plant
The tea plant is from the genus Teaceae, which has 18 genera and about 240 species. This plant is a shrub that grows in both wild and cultivated forms.
In the wild it reaches a height of 10 to 15 meters, often in the Far East; You go to India and China. Its cultivated varieties have a small height of about 50 to 70 cm, with a maximum height of 2 meters.
There are several types of tea, only Camellia Sineasis is cultivated and other types are used for decoration.
Tea root
Chati is a plant with shallow and sprayed roots that is sensitive to the physical conditions of the soil. The roots of this plant need suitable soil to penetrate the soil. Given that the soil surface is often full of nutrients; As a result, most of the tea plant roots are scattered on the soil surface.

Tea leaf
Used part of the tea plant; The leaves of this plant are of special economic importance. The final quality of the tea made depends on the types of ingredients. Due to different pruning; Especially annual pruning from the leaves that are left on the previous year’s branch; Begins to grow.
The shape of the first leaf with the shape of the leaves that later on the young branch; It appears different. The first leaf is called Janam and the second leaf is called Golpot.
Picking time is very important and the first picking causes the lower buds to grow faster. In general, it can be said that the quality of tea produced depends on two factors.
First – a large number of stems relative to leaf weight
Second – specific gravity of cellulosic substances in leaves

In the following articles, you can learn the classification of tea
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