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Tea production operations

Tea production operations

The conversion of green leaves into dry and ready-to-use tea in the tea industry includes the following steps:

  • Plus
  • Rubbing
  • Screening
  • Fermentation
  • Drying
  • Packaging
  • Plus:

In the placement stage; Chemical interactions begin. The main role of Plus; The transformation of the green leaf into a state that makes it possible to rub the leaf properly to produce tea. Plus plays a very important role in terms of tea quality; Because if the leaves do not add well; In the next step, they are broken and whatever this method is done correctly; The aroma of the tea will remain fragrant.

  • Rubbing:

The main purpose of this operation; It breaks down leaf cells in order to release material into them. Due to cell opening; Diastase and tannin combine to form a tea color. This operation is very important in tea color.

  • Screening:

The purpose of the sieve is to separate the small leaves from the large leaves. This step may be repeated several times.

  • Fermentation:

Refers to the latest changes and chemical interactions that have begun in the leaf during the previous steps. This is a sensitive stage of chemical reactions that is very important in the tea industry.

At this stage the tea leaves are green to brown.

  • Drying:

This stage is the reduction of water in tea leaves and this leaf becomes a commodity that can be stored and offered to the market.

  • Packing:

This stage plays an important role in attracting customers and consumers, and its quality is also important in storing tea.

Miad tea has passed these steps with great sensitivity until it reaches your home

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