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Types of black tea

Types of black tea

There are different types of black tea, each of which has its own fans.

The most famous black tea in the world are:

• Chinese tea

The best type is Darjeeling tea, which grows in the Himalayan plains and smells like almonds.

• Caravan tea

It is a warm and fragrant tea with a low amount of tannin.

• Imperial tea

A mixture of tea and jasmine that has a smoky aroma and taste.

• Great Greek tea

Tea with beautiful golden tip leaves and suitable taste for morning and afternoon

• Formes teas

The most important of them is oolong and has an oak flavor that is suitable for breakfast.

Indian and Ceylon teas

This type of tea is welcomed by the British and includes:

• Broken orange pego

Tea with small leaves with a spicy and aromatic taste that is suitable for mixing with milk.

• Caucasian and Russian tea

This tea is with the aroma of bergamot flower, which is a combination of Chinese and Indian tea flavors.

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