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Store dry tea

Store dry tea

To store tea, consider a place that is dry; Be cool and away from light. Experts have also found that tea is a product that absorbs moisture strongly and changes its taste and color. In the following, we have examined the main factors regarding the proper storage of tea.

Environmental conditions for storing tea

The five main factors for proper tea storage are light, temperature, humidity, odor and air. If you follow these five principles to keep tea at home, your tea will always retain its aroma and you will enjoy its taste and color.

Light: Direct sunlight is not suitable for tea due to its ultraviolet rays. If you store tea in an area that is exposed to direct sunlight, start now and choose a more suitable place for it. Direct sunlight eliminates the aroma of tea and reduces its shelf life.

Temperature: Inadequate temperature, like light, is not suitable for tea. Inadequate temperature refers to temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius and above 30 degrees Celsius. So do not put the tea next to the gas, in the freezer, near the oven or microwave. To maintain the high quality and durability of tea, place it in a place that has a constant and balanced temperature.

Humidity: Areas with high humidity are by no means a good place to store dry tea. Places that have high humidity in kitchens include cabinets under the sink, in the refrigerator and next to the sink. Avoid putting dry tea in such places. High humidity is the enemy of dry tea and causes it to become moldy.

Odor: One of the properties of tea is its odor. In this way, if the tea is exposed to substances with a strong odor, it loses its pleasant odor and absorbs the odor of other substances. Avoid putting tea with detergents such as soap, garlic and onions, coffee and spices.

Air: Another factor that reduces the shelf life of tea and loses its properties is air. If dry tea is placed in the open air, the possibility of absorbing moisture and odor from the environment increases and the tea is out of its natural state and quality. Tea should be stored in containers that prevent air from entering.

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