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Black tea with Citrus aurantium

Black tea with Citrus aurantium

Citrus aurantium is the blossom of an orange tree that appears on the tree in spring and turns into orange fruit in autumn.

 Because spring orange has a pleasant aroma, it is used to flavor foods and in cooking jams.

Health benefits:

Spring orange has the greatest effect on the nervous system and its hypnotic and sedative properties have been mentioned in all books.

Spring orange also strengthens the heart and digestive system. Spring orange has a great effect in the treatment of nervous headaches, especially migraine headaches.

It is also effective in treating menstrual cramps in women, irregular heartbeat, anxiety, anxiety, nervous stimulation and even preventing runny nose and colds.

A mixture of spring orange and celery juice is very useful for removing kidney and bladder stones, and drinking it in the morning on an empty stomach is recommended to stop diarrhea.

Those who do not have a good appetite for food can use spring orange sweat as an appetizer. Some also believe that spring orange, in addition to treating weakness of the nerves, is also effective in relieving and treating hiccups.

New research on spring orange has shown similar effects to diazepam in reducing patients’ anxiety before surgery.

instructions :

Spring orange should be removed from the tree early in the morning when it is not in bud shape and dried immediately in a dark place so that it does not change color.

Also, to prepare spring orange tea, 20 grams of spring orange flowers are brewed in four glasses of boiling water for 15 minutes. Then strain it and eat it with honey (one spoon of honey per cup) or red sugar. Spring orange, which has a hot and dry nature, is also used to flavor ordinary tea.

Spring orange juice, which is prepared by steam distillation of orange juice, is also used in the preparation of syrups in addition to therapeutic applications, but it should be remembered that spring orange juice should not be stored for a long time due to rapid spoilage. But those who like to drink black tea can brew dried Citrus aurantium with black tea and enjoy drinking it

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