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The best containers for storing tea

The best containers for storing tea

Despite the great variety of dishes on the market and the use of new items to make dishes, you may be confused. You need to choose a container that, in addition to the beauty of the appearance, also follows the main points about storing tea. So be careful in your choice.

Wooden utensils: There are many wooden utensils enthusiasts these days. The elegance and beauty of this type of utensils has added to the number of fans of wooden and bamboo utensils. Wooden utensils, while beautiful, prevent direct sunlight, but wooden utensils themselves have a special smell and may change the aroma and smell of tea. Therefore, they are not primarily for choosing the right tea storage containers.

Glassware: Glassware also has a great variety. Opaque and clear glass, colorless and colored glass in different shapes and sizes, attracts attention in shop windows. Glass containers with vacuum lids or screw lids prevent air and moisture from entering the container, which is acceptable for storing tea. But in terms of sunlight, these containers are not very suitable for storing tea unless there is a place inside the cabinet for them.

Plastic containers: Today, to increase people’s purchasing power, the production of plastic containers has increased more than before, and in return, the demand for its purchase has increased. Variety in color and design, lightness and unbreakability of plastic containers are the reasons for its high sales. These containers, if they have strong and impermeable doors, are suitable for storing tea. They do not smell and moisture and air do not penetrate into them. If they have matte colors, they also block sunlight from reaching the tea.

Metal containers: These containers, like plastic containers, are suitable for storing tea. Tea is protected from light, temperature, humidity and air and is available in many designs and designs on the market. One of the capabilities of metal containers is that they do not smell. After using a tea with a special aroma, you can wash the dish and keep another type of tea in it without the smell of the previous tea. Before buying, pay attention to the unreactivity of the metal.

Porcelain dishes: Porcelain dishes and glazed ceramics are one of the most suitable dishes for storing tea and preserving the aroma of tea, provided that a strong lid is used in its construction. Sunlight and temperature do not pass through the porcelain and do not transfer moisture and air into the container.

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