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What is Calcutta and Ceylon tea?

What is Calcutta and Ceylon tea and where is it grown?

Sri Lanka is one of the most famous countries for tea production. Ceylon tea is one of the most amazing and popular drinks in Sri Lanka. After water, tea will literally be the most consumed beverage for us, and according to the statistics provided, each person drinks at least three cups of tea a day, which is a proof of this claim.

It is customary for guests and hosts to drink at least one cup of tea in almost every period and occasion and even in various celebrations. Iranians have a special interest in drinking tea and usually do not substitute it for any drink. This lovely drink is in the home of every rich and poor and has become one of our daily and favorite drinks. In the continuation of this article, you are supposed to know more about Calcutta and Ceylon tea, so stay with us.

General information about Calcutta and Ceylon tea

Calcutta and Ceylon tea has a pleasant taste and has many protective and healing properties, and because it grows in different regions, we see a variety in its taste. This drink has a unique identity due to the altitude at which it is cultivated, climate, soil and production process.

The discovery of Ceylon tea is attributed to Emperor Shen Nong, who reigned in China around 2700 BC. The Chinese have been cultivating and drinking tea for centuries, and their people, Burma and Siam, have made it their main occupation. The fact is that the Ceylon tea plant “Camellia Sinensis” grows in large areas from China to Vietnam and Nagaland to Thailand.

Types of Ceylon tea

Sri Lanka has more than 188,000 hectares of tea growing land, producing about 298,000 tonnes of tea and accounting for more than 19% of world exports. Calcutta and Ceylon tea, which is exported all over the world, has different types, the most common and famous of which are: Ceylon black tea, green tea and finally white tea. To achieve excellent quality and desirable flavors, they are produced in different ways.

Amazing nutritional information of Calcutta and Ceylon tea

Calcutta and Ceylon tea are rich in antioxidants. Compounds that help fight oxidative cell damage. Research shows that antioxidants play a key role in health and can protect against chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

In particular, this drink is rich in the antioxidants myristin, quercetin and camphor, as well as Ceylon green tea containing epigallostatin 3 galat (EGCG), a compound that has beneficial properties for strengthening the body

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