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Types of Herb Louisa tea

Types of Herb Louisa tea

Herb Louisa tea is a delicious drink with many properties. To prepare this tea, put a tablespoon of its leaves in a container boiled at a temperature of eighty degrees. Twenty minutes later, the tea is brewed and ready. This tea can be drunk with honey or candy. One of the important properties of lemon tea is its effect on weight loss and slimming.

How to make tea with Herb Louisa

The recipe for Herb Louisa tea is very easy. To prepare, first pour a tablespoon of Herb Louisa leaves in 80 degree boiled water. After 20 minutes, the tea is ready. If you want, you can put lemon in a teapot and brew it on low heat. The tea has a special bitterness. It can be consumed with a little honey.

How to prepare Herb Louisa tea with borage

The tea of ​​this plant with borage flowers has a very pleasant and delicious taste. The properties of borage flower are different from those of Herb Louisa, but these two medicinal plants complement each other. These two plants have a common property and that is the effect on colds. To prepare Herb Louisa and borage tea, pour twice the number of Herb Louisa leaves and one times the borage flower into boiling water and infuse.

Herb Louisa tea and orange spring

Due to the aroma of spring orange and lemon, the tea of ​​these two plants, which are from the same family, is a dreamy concoction. The properties of these two plants are the same. To prepare this delicious tea, you have to brew twice as much orange juice and one time as lemon.

Tea with Herb Louisa and green tea

The combination of these two herbs creates a very pleasant tea. The amount of lemon in this type of tea should be more than green tea.

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