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Principles of dry tea storage

1. Pour dry tea into glass or porcelain containers and close the lid. The shelf life of dry tea is better preserved in glass jars with lids, shelf life means as long as the dry tea leaf has retained its true properties, color and taste.

2. Do not place a dry tea bowl next to a samovar or stove. The more tea is exposed to light, heat and moisture, the more it loses its aroma.

3. Do not store tea containers and packages in the refrigerator or freezer, as it will damage the moisture.

4. Tea, like many other foods, has an expiration date. Different types, if properly maintained, retain their properties from 18 months to two years, depending on their type.

5. Do not place tea bags next to fragrant foods and detergents, because the smell of food and detergents easily spreads to dry tea and changes its aroma.

6. If you want to have flavored tea, pour cinnamon sticks or cardamom seeds into the tea bowl.

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