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the types of mugs and cups based on the material

Do you serve tea in cups, mugs or mugs? Iranians often use a material for serving tea that has a glass wall and the color of the tea can be seen. Because the color of tea for Iranians is one of the main items for choosing and buying tea. But one of the most widely used tea mug is a glass mug or the so-called “glass with a handle”. In the following, we will examine the types of mugs and cups in terms of their application. Join us …

Check the types of mugs and cups based on the material
Ceramic mug
Ceramic mags are one of the best choices, as they are usually very durable and distribute heat evenly. In addition, there is an incredible variety of styles, colors and shapes that give you more choice. You can also wash a ceramic mug in the dishwasher without any worries.

Mug and glass cup
Glass mugs and cups are as stylish as ceramic mugs and cups. They have a lot of variety and give you a lot of choice. The main feature of this type of mug and cups is their ability to maintain high heat. But their problem and weakness is that they are more likely to break, compared to other materials.

Mag Pottery
Clay mages, although less popular than other types of mages, are very durable and resilient. In addition, they have a longer life and a different and special effect. Also, its material allows you to be very easy to wash and maintain.

Mag Steel
Of all the types of mugs, steel mugs are mostly used as travel mugs because they are unbreakable and have high strength. These mags often have strong caps that do not allow liquid to escape and also have handles for better travel performance.

Chinese mug and cup
Although the types of porcelain mugs and cups are unique in appearance, charm and quality; But their use has been declining over the years. Because they are vulnerable and fragile, they need special care and maintenance.

Mag Melamine
Melamine mugs have many positive properties. They retain heat well. They are easy to wash in the dishwasher and are the most economical type of mug. However, you should never heat coffee in these cups as it will damage them in the long run.

Pour Over Cups
Pour-over cups are a type of cup that has the property of brewing coffee immediately and with the help of a filter.

Mag with a new and different Novelty design
These types of mugs include all sorts of new and weird items that are becoming increasingly popular, especially in online stores. You’ve probably seen mages that look like camera lenses or a series of special animals that fall into this category.

Double-walled cup
These types of mugs are double-walled. For this reason, even though the liquid inside is hot, the outer wall is cold and you can easily hold it in your hand.

Vintage Mags
Vintage mages are one of the types of mages that are considered old and mostly collectible. These mags are very beautiful, but before use, you must make sure that they are not cracked and old. Also make sure the material the mug is made of is not harmful.

Personalized Mags
A variety of custom mugs in unique designs can make your coffee or any other beverage experience special. Today, you can order your favorite design with a variety of printing methods on any color and material of the mug, and even use them for advertising purposes of your business.

Based on experience, glass mags retain the heat and warmth of a drink for a longer period of time. Then the ceramic mug is in the second place and finally the steel mug is in the third place. Of course, as mentioned earlier, you can use a glass mug to serve tea.

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