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Masala tea

Masala tea

Masala tea is made with black tea in an area called Assam in northeastern India, and of course, after Masala tea became famous in European countries, its preparation became common with other types of tea leaves.

The method of making masala tea may be slightly different in different regions, but in all of them, milk and spices are definitely present. The milk is first boiled and the tea is brewed separately. Boiled milk is mixed with water and tea, then a mixture of processed spices called karha, which includes cinnamon, cloves, ginger, red pepper, fennel, nutmeg and vanilla, is added to the mixture. In Indian culture, this tea has many healing properties and the root of this belief goes back to the book of Ayurveda. In recent years, drinking masala tea has become very popular in countries other than India. Miad black tea is excellent for making masala

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